We would like to introduce our wine club that we fondly call The PigPen.  Members will be privilege to regular shipments of our new releases and combinations of our older vintages. They will get invitations to special events and our release party where you can bet there will be food of a porcine nature.  You certainly will want to join; please fill out the form on our website at camlowcellars.com. For those of you who have already purchased wines from us and want to be in the PigPen please respond by email and we will toss you in the mix. We will send out an email soon letting everyone know what is included in your bi-annual shipment.

This is a great opportunity for wine geeks to see how the concept of terroir and vintage variation can influence a wine.  Just like when you make your favorite recipe at home and you tweak it a little to get the flavor profile you like, we do the same each year with the wine.  Seeing the evolution of the vineyard and the wine is what makes wine interesting and fun and we are always striving for constant improvement.  In addition, we have a whole cluster press Rosè of Pinot Noir that will be available exclusively to PigPen members. We are big fans of no waste and using what the vintage gives us. This Rosè is exactly that, fruit that we would normally drop to control yields was pressed and fermented.  A beautiful salmon color, fruity, acid forward that you will be happy to have as your porch pounder this summer.

Our estate vineyard performed exceptionally well in 2014 with average yields and great fruit maturity.  The luxury of doing our own farming and winemaking allows us the flexibility to make the best picking decisions and really coddle the ferments to make the best juice we can.  As we like to say: We grow the grapes and we make the wine!  No factory farming just handcrafted goodness.  Winemaking is a craft, not a process and being totally immersed is how we deliver the best product possible.

As you can tell from the release letter, we don’t take ourselves too seriously.  What we do take seriously is our product and the farming necessary to make it great.  So please join us on this journey, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed!


Craig and Alan

Thank you for joining us at Camlow Cellars